Kids Suffer The Most!

The youth of our region are getting the short end of the stick. It’s a sad story. They won’t learn about the great American dream when they don’t know where their next meal is coming from . . . where they will sleep tonight . . .or whether it’s safe to go outside to play.

Our society is crumbling and our kids are the ones suffering the most . . . suffering from neglect and abuse. We are doomed to lose an entire new generation. The Terra Alta Christian Youth Center (TACYC)

The Terra Alta Christian Youth Center (TACYC) is committed to finding ways to help the kids by giving them a safe place to go . . . a place where they can enjoy good clean fun . . . get help with their homework . . . eat a snack . . . and along the way learn the life-long benefits of a lifestyle of clean morals and clear thinking.

Though not affiliated with a specific church, the TACYC is endorsed by and supported by several churches in the area.

The nucleus for this Center is an 8,000-square foot building that has been fully modernized by TACYC volunteers. Others start with small facilities, which they quickly outgrow. TACYC is starting with a large facility that it can grow into.

We have a positive vision of what the future might hold for the Center. Already we’re thinking of exciting, new ways of helping our kids develop into solid new citizens that our community so desperately needs. We hope you, too, have visions of a better future for the area and especially for our kids. We ask you to join us in bringing the TACYC to its fullest potential.